Why Valaxy

What is Valaxy?

Valaxy aims to be a next generation of static blogging frameworks/generators.

什么是 Valaxy?

Valaxy 的目标是成为新一代的静态博客框架/生成器。

为什么是 Valaxy?


「告诉你两件好事吧」,第一它与 Hexo 相比开发体验和速度上都更胜一筹,第二它与 VitePress/VuePress 相比拥有更多针对博客的集成功能,譬如文章列表钩子、自动路由与组件注册、可覆盖的布局与主题等。

一味地讲述 Valaxy 的优点似乎有些难以理解。

我将会把 Valaxy 与现有的 Hexo(流行的静态博客框架)与 VitePress/VuePress(流行的静态站点生成器)进行对比,并阐述 Valaxy 的优势。

Why Valaxy?

Next Generation Static Blog Framework/Generator

「Two things to tell you」, first, compared with Hexo, Valaxy is superior in both development experience and speed, second, compared with VitePress/VuePress, Valaxy has more integration features for blogs, such as article list hook, automatic routing and component registration, overlay layout and theme, etc.

It seems hard to understand the advantages of Valaxy.

I will compare Valaxy with the existing Hexo (popular static blog framework) and vitepress / vuepress (popular static site generator), and explain the advantages of Valaxy.

import type { UserConfig } from 'valaxy'
import type { ThemeUserConfig } from 'valaxy-theme-yun'

 * User Config
 * do not use export const, because c12 will set as child property
const config: UserConfig<ThemeUserConfig> = {
  theme: 'yun',

  themeConfig: {
    banner: {
      enable: true,
      title: '云游君的小站',

export default config


而不是像 hexo 一样重新加载页面

Hot update for configuration, article.

Instead of reloading pages like hexo


  • Slidev
  • VitePress
  • Vitesse

Why not ...?




在完成了 Valaxy 基础结构的开发后,我从群友处得知了 iles,这和我实现的许多功能十分相似。

它相比 Vitepress 拥有更多功能,也很适合写一个拥有更多交互的文档。

不过它的定位仍旧是静态站点生成器,这与 Valaxy 静态博客生成器的定位不同。

因为 Valaxy 除此之外,还会提供文章列表、分页、标签、分类等更多面向博客的功能,并支持扩展与自定义博客主题。

After completing the development of Valaxy's basic structures, I learned about iles from my group friend, which is very similar to many features I have archieved.

It has more features than Vitepress and is also suitable for writing a document with more interaction.

However, its positioning is still static site generator, which is different from that of Valaxy static blog generator.

In addition, Valaxy also provides more blog oriented features such as article list, pagination, tag and category, and supports extension and customization of blog topics.