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Static Blog Framework

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Markdown - Focus on Your Content

Supports complete Markdown syntax and various extensions, undoubtedly including SSG.

Vite - Lightning-Fast DX

Enjoy the ecosystem and hot-reloading development experience brought by Vite, even when writing content or configurations.

Vue - Customizable View

Use Vue in Markdown or customize any component and layout in the theme.

UnoCSS - Freedom in Writing Styles

Freely write any styles in articles, components, and anywhere else while maintaining minimal size.

VueUse - Composable API Utilities

Built-in VueUse satisfies your various needs on demand, and we also have our own Blog Composition API.

Actions - Automated Deployment

Built-in deployment configurations for GitHub Actions, Netlify, Vercel, and more. Deploy your site with just one click.

Internationalization - Seamless Support

Achieve global multilingual support for single pages and local elements using Vue i18n + CSS i18n. No need new pages or sites.

TypeScript - Type Safety

All configurations and APIs come with comprehensive type safety and intelligent suggestions, as it should be.

VSCode - Smooth Development Experience

We are improving the VSCode plugin to provide a better experience when using VSCode for development and writing articles.

Themes - Extension or Customization

Override any component and layout in the theme with identically named Vue components or write your own theme.

Addons - Infinite Possibilities

Fully compatible with Vite/Vue plugins. You can further encapsulate and simplify configurations or extend functionality (including components) through addons.

Electron - Desktop Applications

In the future, we will also release a client application for non-developers, making development, deployment, and publishing more convenient. Stay tuned...