Why Addon?


We need a plugin system that allows users to use/load only certain features quickly.


Naming conventions


Add-on 相比 Plug-in 通常包含对界面造成修改,以及仅在某特定平台下适用的含义。 譬如 Edge 插件商店(Add-on Store),Slidev 等使用 Addon 命名。

Valaxy 本身完全支持使用 Vite 与 Vue 生态插件。 除此之外,我们可能还需要支持一些针对 Valaxy 并(在 Vite/Vue 插件运行前)可控制整个流程的插件。

此时,Addon 的 API 仅仅适用于 Valaxy 平台。

Plugin name: valaxy-addon-<name>.

Add-on, compared to Plug-in, typically implies modifications to the user interface, as well as being applicable only on a specific platform. For example, the Edge Add-on Store, Slidev, and others use the naming convention "Addon".

Valaxy fully supports the use of Vite and Vue ecosystem plugins. In addition, we may also require support for some plugins that are specific to Valaxy, which can control the entire process before the Vite/Vue plugins are executed.

In this scenario, the Addon API is only applicable to the Valaxy platform.




譬如制作一个 Live2D 挂件,一个全局音乐播放器,或是修改 Vite 以及内置插件的一些配置等。

它用于补充 Vite/Vue 插件无法做到或加载配置繁琐的内容。

What can addons do?

For example, they can create a Live2D widget, a global music player, or modify some configurations of Vite and its built-in plugins.

Addons are used to complement what Vite/Vue plugins cannot achieve or to simplify complicated configurations.